People II 'Confictus'

People II 'confictus' is a piece where composer Ralf Nyqvist combines dance, chamber music and audio design. It contains five movements: I Provocation, II Dispute, III Confrontation, IV Regretted and VI Compromise. The music representers modern contemporary chamber-music and it also contains improvisational parts. The choreography is written as a part of the composition. The music and choreography contains the feeling of provocation, dispute and salvation. The piece is meant to be performed In an ordinary chamber-music reporter concert.

The people in the working group are choreographer Mia Malviniemi (malviniemi dance company) and sound designer Stefan Backas. Others are musicians Christoffer Sundqvist clarinet, Mikael Långbacka bass-trombone and Kazutaka Morita on percussion. The dancers are Mia Malviniemi and Antti Seppänen. The piece was first performed in November 2015 on the Rusk chamber-music festival in Pietarsaari (Finland).