PEOPLE – chamber music for a wind quintet, to dance to (2010)

Five musicians and a dancer are preparing to perform a musical piece in four parts. The four parts reflect on different stages of life.
What happens in the beginning of the work and on the breaks? The musicians enter, tune their instruments, warm up the mouthpiece, blow, breathe and gather their thoughts before the show begins. The audience is waiting. The musicians are waiting. But for what?

PEOPLE fills this vacuum with activity and movement. One can interpret this as a description of day-to-day life, or the personal emotions and the work of one artist. We get to see the people behind the instruments, characters who share fates of life.

Composer: Ralf Nyqvist
Choreographer / Dancer: Mia Malviniemi
Eva Hillebrandt – flute
Panu Sivonen – oboe / English horn
John Alén – clarinet
Samuli Pataila – bassoon
Vesa Ania – French horn

Production:  Watt ry, Vaasa City Orchestra and Wasa Teater