Reflections into another light is the third part of choreographer Mia Malviniemi’s Fortune (Onni) –trilogy. The two earlier parts are Good day (Hyvää Päivää, 2008) and On this side of a shadow (Varjon tällä puolen 2011). The series focuses on different perspectives on happiness. The first part concentrated on moments of happiness found in everyday life and the second on friendship. Reflections into another light is a dance work about love and intimate relationships. Six performers of varying ages create a life-spanning oeuvre about the relationship between a man and a woman. The three duets are a journey beginning with the innocence of first infatuations and ending in the shared moments of elderly couples. Central themes include meeting, listening and love.

The musical accompaniment, composed by accordionist Antti Paalanen, colours the piece with its moving tones, combining passion and sensitivity.

Reflections into another light is, from beginning to end, a fine
and touching, beautiful and comforting piece in all the aspects
it portrays.

Pohjalainen, 5.10.2013, Laura Krohn

Choreography: Mia Malviniemi
Costumes, set design and lighting: Mia Malviniemi
Music: Antti Paalanen
Argentine tango: Kari Harju
Graphic design: Lotta Häggström
Photography: Ville Lindberg, Antti Seppänen
Text: Mia Malviniemi
Poem: Woman in Love, Paul Eluard (1895 - 1952)
France, transl. Aale Tynni
Supported by: The Arts Promotion Centre Finland,
The Regional Dance Center of Ostrobothnia,
City of Vasa