Artist at home

Creative dance activities for people over 65.

Through dance art, moments of interaction and stimulus are created with and for the elderly.
The activities are adaptable to varying abilities and people participate and dance according to their own starting points. Moments of achievement help in encouraging people to move.
The aim is for people to participate in dance activities that are guided by spontaneity and interaction. Music is a natural part of the activities in addition to different sound-scapes that help in creating the right atmosphere for the shared moments. The home and the different objects and spaces within it can also function as inspiration for creative movement.

Other art forms (for example literature, visual arts) and everyday subjects, are used to stimulate thought and conversations, according to people’s interests.

Also bed-bound participants receive new stimulus through art. The possibilities of applied arts are boundless.

The artist-at-home visits are approximately 45-60 minute long dance sessions. The activities are led by experienced professionals who are well versed with applied art methods with the eldery in their work.

The sessions are led by dance artist Mia Malvniemi and dance artist and teacher Nanna Rahikainen.

The activities are realised  in collaboration with City of Vaasa home care services.

Would you like to welcome a dance artist to your home?

Contact: Mia Malviniemi,

With the support of: Svenska Kulturfonden, Centre of Arts promotion Finland