On this side of the shadow (2011)


Varjon tällä puolen is a dance piece about happiness. Happiness is to be seen – to feel alive. Happiness is friendship. In the piece, two people meet. The movements progress like stream-of-consciousness, returning occasionally to being stationary. The connection between the two people creates movement-based tensions and releases. In the piece sections realised by means of shadow theatre are in dialogue with the choreography itself. The sections of text within the shadow theatre are from Tove Jansson’s book Dangerous Midsummer. They tell about the adventures of a small Miska-named character. The live music that runs throughout the piece is composed by musician Stefan Lindblom.

Varjon tällä puolen is the second part in the series of works dealing with happiness.


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Choreographer: Mia Malviniemi

Dancers: Mia Malviniemi, Jaana Saaranen

Music: Stefan Lindblom
Lighting designer: Katja Muttilainen

Scenography: Mia Malviniemi, Katja Muttilainen

Costumes: Mia Malviniemi

Graphic designer: Jimmy Pulli

Photographers: Jan Ericsson, Ville Lindberg