People ’Conflictus’ (2015)

People ’Conflictus’ (2015)

People ’Conflictus’ is a piece based on the composition and ideas of composer Ralf Nyqvist. The piece combines dance, chamber music and sound design.

The choreography of the piece has been created to be a part of the composition and Malviniemi’s choreography is a physical and movement-based integral composition for three performers.

The performance displays feelings of provocation, conflict and conciliation. The piece is created to be performed as a part of a chamber music concert  programme.  Conflictus is made up of five parts:

I Provocation, II Dispute, III Confrontation, IV Regrette and VI Compromise. The music is a contemporary composition and contains elements of improvisation.

The piece had its premiere in November 2015 at the RUSK chamber music festival in Pietarsaari, Finland.

Choreographer: Mia Malviniemi

Composer: Ralf Nyqvist

Dancers: Mia Malviniemi and Antti Seppänen

Musicians: Christoffer Sundqvist clarinet, Mikael Långbacka bass-trombone and Kazutaka Morita percussion.

Sound designer: Stefan Backas

Production: Malviniemi company and team


The piece was first performed in November 2015 at the Rusk chamber-music festival in Pietarsaari (Finland).