People ’Pollution’

People ’Pollution’ I (2017)

A multi-art performance about recycling and the relationship of people and nature. The piece combines chamber music, contemporary dance and media art.

Pollution is the third part of the People-series of works. The pieces have been created by composer Ralf Nyqvist and dance artist Mia Malviniemi. Pollution, as the name suggests, deals with the pollution of our environment. The piece does not take sides, but the creators wish to highlight issues that are important at this time and also to discuss what different forms pollution can take.
The aim is to evoke feelings and thoughts of humanity’s relationship with nature and pollution. Pollution is a piece that awakens the audience’s senses through the art forms of sound, dance and media. There are two parts of the Pollution -piece.

Choreographer:  Mia Malviniemi

Composer: Ralf Nyqvist

Dancers:  Mia Malviniemi, Eleni Pierides

Sound designer: Stefan Backas

Musicians: Panu Sivonen, Ralf Nyqvist

Media art: Marcus Lerviks

Producer: Marianne Nygård


Premiere 10.8.2017 Culture house Fanny, Vaasa