Silence (2014)

SILENCE (Hiljaisuus)

The piece Hiljaisuus by choreographer Mia Malviniemi is an internal journey.

The piece is built upon notions of listening and observing oneself and taking stock of one’s thoughts and desires. At the same time the piece is a movement study of Mia Malviniemi’s corporeal world. The sounds-scape created by Stefan Lindbolm frames the dancers internal world with its strong guitar sounds and space-like qualities.  The scenography by set designer Sonja Backlund has been inspired by nature.

Choreographer and dancer: Mia Malviniemi
Sound designer:
 Stefan Lindblom
Set designer: 
Sonja Backlund
Mia Malviniemi
Laura Käpyaho
Malviniemi Company
Supported by:
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Swedish Cultural Foundation of Finland