MORAINE Dances on the islets – traces on the rocks

Moraine; Dances on the islets – traces on the rocks (2012)

Moraine; Dances on the islets – traces on the rocks is a dance piece created in the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, during the summer of 2012. Over a period of five weeks, Malviniemi Company worked at the following sites: Rönnskär, Molpehällorna and Svedjehamn.

Choreographer Mia Malviniemi draw inspiration from the area’s natural environment and history as well as from interviews with local inhabitants and experts.

The piece consists of five separate parts, born amongst the Kvarken seascape, islets and rocks.

Moraine is a piece which brings together encounters with nature, and the history and mythical stories of the archipelago, weaving man and nature together in a multifaceted fabric. Little by little, the choreography grows from individual frozen movements into a final collective performance.


I Mitt land / My land


II Riskilä-duetto / Black guillemot duet
Black guillemot (Cepphus grylle): a black and white, relatively small, seabird that forms monogamous pairs.


III, Jungfrudans/ “Troy maze”; Mother Earth, Water-woman, The Virgin Dance


IV Jakob Rautio, lighthouse keeper at Molpehällorna
Jakob Rautio came to Moikipää in 1790 and died on the island in a duel against Nikita Tolstoi in 1808.


V Talkoo-dance


The piece is co-produced by the Arts Council of Ostrobothnia and KVARKEN-World Heritage Site.


Mia Malviniemi


Eero Paalanen


Nina Vana


Nanna Rahikainen
Saija Luukkonen
Mirva Väänänen
Antti Seppänen


Norah Nelson
Ville Lindberg