Hero Colours

Hero colours (2019)

The primary colours red, blue, and yellow form the main arc of the three-part dance piece Hero Colours.
The colours hold many meanings for people and colours have been used through the centuries to express a manyfold of things. Colours also impact strongly on people’s states of mind. The piece brings attention to the significance and feelings of the different colours through movement, text and the visual expression. The theme of the piece took shape in the spring of 2019 during the Alvar tanssii -project dance sessions that took place in museums and art exhibitions in Vaasa. Clients of the Alvar -services participated in the sessions through video phones.
The participants’ observations on and thoughts around colours inspired Mia Malviniemi to work with colours on a corporeal level.

Choreographer: Mia Malviniemi
Dancer: Anna Ekström, Emilia Hall, Ada Ittonen, Mia Malviniemi, Isla Malviniemi, Fiona Puska, Nanna
Rahikainen, Linnéa Sandbacka, Hanna Vähänen
Sound Design: Stefan Backas
Costumes, scenography, lights:  Mia Malviniemi
Music: Jon Hopkins, Ceeys, Zoe Keating

Premiere: 8.10.2019, Vasa stadsbibliotek, Drama-sal