Sydämen kukat

Flowers of the Heart (2016)

Sydämen kukat is a performance filled with memories. The piece is aimed at the elderly suffering from dementia and specifically those living in care homes. The team has chosen elements from past decades that are expressed in the aural, visual and costumes of the piece. The piece has drawn inspiration all the way from the 1940s, and sounds-scapes of for example  radio and tv-programmes have been utilized. Lived histories are realised through dance and the physical expression that also contain the present moment taking place in the communication of the performers and the audience.

Sydämen kukat is an interactive performance that allows the audience to participate if they wish.  The creators wish to give the audience

Vuorovaikutteisen esityksen kautta tekijät haluavat mahdollistaa katsojalle monimuotoisen kokemuksellisuuden osana esitystä. Tanssitaiteen saavutettavuus on ollut tärkeä osa projektia. Tätä toteuttaakseen työryhmä vie osia esityksestä myös niiden asukkaiden luokse, jotka eivät voi enää liikkua omasta huoneestaan pois. Esitys voidaan toteuttaa sekä suomeksi että ruotsiksi.

Choreographer and dancers: Mia Malviniemi ja Hanna Korhonen

Sound designer: Stefan Backas

Production: Malviniemi Company and the team


Premiere 5.10.2016 Ruukinkartano care home, Vaasa

Feedback from the audience:

Sydämen kukat was performed at the Ruukinkartano care home in Vaasa in October 2016.
The experience was a positive one for both the creators and the audience.
Comments from the audience:
”Lovely, it cheered up my day.” ”We sit here all day long, and now we were presented with such a great performance.” ”The music from way back then took me back to my memories”, a resident had said.
”A fresh and skillfully done performance.” ”Glad that you visited and brought dance art into our home.”
A comment from the nurses: ”It was great when you visited one of the care units. Everyone could follow the performance, because usually they do not have the energy to for example go downstairs and see and listen to main programmes.”

Target audience:

The piece has been created for elderly people suffering from dementia and living in care homes. However the piece is suitable for various groups of senior citizens.
The maximum size of audience is about 15 persons, to make sure that the interactivity between the performers and the audience stays intact.
We are happy to be in touch with those booking a performance to gain a better understanding of the audience members and their needs. Our aim is to show care and consideration for each and every group of audience.